Top 5 Home building Trends of 2017


September 14, 2017

Home Building Trends of 2017 - Joseph Douglas HomesThe way most people see it, through the years, house building hasn’t altered drastically. After all, houses are still built from the ground up, piece by piece, until the desired finished product is achieved. Ask someone truly in the know, however, and you will soon see that new life is being pumped not only into homes being constructed in 2017 but into the housing market itself. These modifications are being done through improved home design and intelligent utilization of the latest home building trends. These trends provide lifestyle benefits and will increase the value of your home.

Let’s take a brief look at five of the most in-demand home building trends in 2017.

1. Neutral Is the New White
It seems like just yesterday that stainless steel appliances and white-hot kitchens were all the rage. Today’s designers are going a different route. Kitchens with neutral backgrounds are the latest and greatest trend when it comes to the room in which many of us do our best culinary creating, kids do homework, and the family sometimes dines. Gray and black matte appliances are taking over. Cabinetry is turning more toward the mid-tone wood. On the outside of new homes, however, the opposite is true. To accent fenestration openings and building forms, grays, blacks, and other contrasting colors are being incorporated on a far more frequent basis.

2. Two-Car Garages Get a Makeover
Astonishingly, there are still new home communities that are governed by local ordinances requiring attached garages to be dual-garage bays. But in these ever-changing times of Uber drivers and other shared car services, fewer families need an over-sized two-car garage. Today’s homes are making use of that living space by remaking the interior of these garages into family rooms, game rooms, guest rooms, offices, etc.

3. Modern Times Call for Modern Designs
In 2017, home designers see less and less of a demand for old-school motifs. Styles are turning decidedly more contemporary. Flat panel cabinets, glass garage doors, geometric faucet designs, horizontal fireplaces and more are flooding the market when it comes to the decoration and design of today’s new homes. home building trends by Joseph Douglas Homes

4. Charge It!
The ever-present wireless gear of today (i.e., tablets, smart phones, etc.) is undeniably a staple in homes, offices, cars – everywhere. But they don’t charge themselves. Because of this, charging stations are popping up everywhere you look – in bars, restaurants, hotels, you name it. So, it comes as no surprise that modern home builders and designers are installing charging stations under kitchen countertops, behind bedside tables, within office cabinets, even in bathrooms.

5. The Master Bath Experience
Households of today spend an astonishing amount of time in the bathroom – particularly when the master bath is designed with some of the latest trends in mind. Because this is where most couples begin their day, modern bathrooms are sporting flat screen TVs and emphasizing more room in which to move around, without bumping into each other.

Customize Your Home With these Latest Home Building Trends

Ending your day with quality time spent in your master bath is now a distinct possibility. Luxurious ottomans create a sitting room type of atmosphere; exercise or yoga areas offer mind and body health, and over-sized, freestanding baths provide the opportunity for a relaxing, warm soak.
These trends barely break the surface on a sea of new and exciting concepts being offered by home designers in 2017. For a complete breakdown of what is available and which new concepts will best serve your needs, contact us to learn more.

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