Prepare your home for fall

Leaves are getting ready to fall and cooler temperatures serve as a reminder that the fall season is just around the corner. Even though summer isn’t completely gone yet, it’s always wise to prepare your home for fall.

Seasonal maintenance helps our homes running smoothly. You don’t want to be caught unprepared. You might think there is still time; however, waking up shivering from the cold is not something anyone likes to think about.

The following guide will help you prepare your home for fall.

Interior Maintenance

Check for Drafts

Examine your windows and doors for cracks. Seal your windows if you find any open crevices to prevent drafts. A smart way to check thoroughly is to use a lit candle, and if the candle flickers, you know there’s a draft. Weatherstripping around your windows and doors help keep your home warm and cut energy bills.

Check the Heating System

It’s unlikely you used your heater during the entire summer. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to schedule a heating system maintenance to make sure your furnace is working correctly.

Empty the Water Heater

Drain the water heater to clear out any debris that might have settled in the tank. You don’t want to freeze to death after an early morning shower.

Store Your Air Conditioners

We don’t mean for you to uninstall your air conditioners, but it may be necessary to cover the outdoor units. This way, your air conditioners will be ready to use when summer is back!

Test Safety Devices

Replace batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and test to ensure they’re working correctly.

Exterior Maintenance

Clear Out the Gutters

Remove all the debris from your drainage system to prevent them from clogging further.  Install gutter guards if required.

Check Your Chimney

Be prepared for cozy fall fires. Make sure to schedule a chimney cleaning.

Stock Up On Firewood

Check your existing stock of firewood. If you need additional wood, it’s a good time to order right now. Make sure to cover your firewood and store it in a dry place away from the house.

Install Storm Windows

If you have removable screens, clean and store them away. Put up storm windows and doors.

Shut Off Faucets and Store Hoses

Inspect the water spigots outside your house for any leaks. Drain all of your hoses then store them for the winter. Turn off exterior faucets and turn off the valve inside your home. Shutting off your water will prevent your pipes from freezing.

Trim Landscaping

Check your trees for any damaged limbs that are too close to the power line or roof. Trim the bushes and shrubs to save you from that extra garden cleaning when the leaves begin to fall.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn will help protect your grass from the harsh winters and spring weeds.


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