Pet-Friendly Home Features: Home Builders Now Including Pet-Washing Stations and Other Pet-Friendly Options


August 21, 2018

Pet friendly home features


America loves its pets. There can be little doubt. To many, our furry, feathered, and scaled friends are true members of the family. So, it only stands to reason that, as a family member, they should be treated as such. For this very reason, today’s home builders include, in many floor plans, pet-washing stations, and other pet-friendly features.

These new home designs take into consideration the nearly 70% of all American households that have, at the very least, one pet living in them. They make the maintaining of such a home easier, a safer environment for the pets, and a more comfortable setting for them as well.


5 Pet-Friendly Home Features


Pet-Washing Station

Frequently, this convenient feature for both owner and pet is situated by an exterior entrance, in a mud room, laundry room, garage, etc. These stations are designed for the washing and grooming of your pet. While larger animals may require the convenience of a washing stall, smaller pets are usually accommodated by a sink. Included within this room should be areas designed for storage of leashes, clean collars or harnesses, towels, and other supplies.


Pet Door

Though an easy and convenient way for your pet to come and go, remember that other creatures can come and go through pet doors as well. The food in your house and the shelter that your home provides can be very attractive to raccoons, rats, and more.


Backyard Pet Run

Both you and your pet can benefit from an outdoor pet run. You may want to make this area accessible via a doorway leading to and from the room that houses the pet-washing station. This can save the floors throughout the rest of the house. With a backyard pet run, you can let your furry friend outside, safe in the knowledge that they will be relatively free from harm and confined to your property. At the same time, however, they will be able to get ample exercise without your having to take time out of your hectic day to walk along busy sidewalks filled with distractions and dangers.

Designated Pet Areas (Feeding and Living)

•    Feeding – A specific area for eating means a routine that your pet can depend on and (rather than an entire kitchen) a precise area to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Customize it with add-ons to better suit the size and type of pet in your home.

•    Living – This can be as minimal as a corner section that is specifically assigned to your pet, or as involved as a room of their very own. Areas can be cordoned off with interior gates or Dutch doors if need be, or simply decorated and maintained differently than the rest of the room.

Regardless of their purpose, these pet areas will benefit from the use of washable paints and durable but easily maintained flooring.


Built-In Pet Food Cabinet

Speaking of a designated feeding area for your pet, consider a specific cabinet for their food, as well. This way, you will be able to store bags or containers out of sight and reduce the possibility of them getting knocked over or infiltrated by your always-hungry fur baby.


Today’s customized homes can take more than just human family members into consideration as far as design features are concerned. The house you build (or have built for you) should be as unique as your situation and your family. It should fit like a glove, and that includes your pet.

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