Design Trends – What’s Out, What’s In?


October 16, 2021

For almost two years, the coronavirus has forced families to use their residences in new and different ways. They transformed spaces into classrooms, home offices, and gyms. Many also got more creative in the kitchen, used outdoor areas to entertain, and discovered new hobbies.

However, many families now realize this lifestyle change may be permanent. The virus is lasting longer than expected, and businesses are offering their employees the opportunity to continue working from home. At the same time, homeowners also recognize their current home is not adaptable to this new way of life. Therefore, they’ve decided to build a new home

But what are the new home design trends they need to be aware of? What’s out and what’s in?

New Home Design Trends

For 2022, new home design trends are all about adding more function and creating better spaces. Consider how a new floor plan will fit your lifestyle and which recent home design trends will work best.

Here are several constructions and new home design trends for 2022 to inspire you.

Home Offices

Working from home is the new normal for many employees. For 2022 and beyond, a home office will be one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s time to upgrade if you’ve been “making do” from a spare bedroom or a corner of the basement. As working from home continues to be a factor, new home design trends offer floor plans with dedicated workspaces.

In your new home, design an office you’ll look forward to working in. It should be away from the hustle and bustle of the house with large windows for lots of natural light. Add a door you can close to keep out interruptions when attending a Zoom meeting.

Designer Kitchens 

No matter what the newest trends are, the kitchen will always be the heart of the home. People love to congregate to help with cooking (or just watch), chat, do homework, or hang out.

You want guests to feel welcome. A well-functioning and gracious kitchen will give everyone space to gather and take part in conversations. Design it with multiple prep spaces, double ovens, two sinks, and wine, beer, and soda beverage center.

Many families now cook or bake together as a hobby and spend much more time eating meals at home. Homeowners want spacious, open concept kitchens with high-end appliances and granite or quartz countertops. Talk to your custom home builder about the design of your kitchen so it functions best for your family’s lifestyle.

All-white kitchens continue to be a classic style. But bolder colors of navy blue, charcoal, and forest green appear as island cabinetry, kitchen accessories, tile backsplashes, or even as all lower cabinets. Luxurious gold finishes on faucets, lighting, and cabinet handles are very ‘in” right now and for the future. 

For new home design trends, two islands in the kitchen is a definite “must-have.” The islands offer additional storage and counter space. Designate one island for meal prep and the other for homework, dining, and socializing. Having double islands can improve traffic flow, so as kids walk around the space to get a snack, they won’t interfere with the cook. 

Family Rooms and Multi-Functional Spaces

When it comes to 2022 new home design trends, think functional yet stylish. The best family room is a place for everyone to gather, entertain, and celebrate. Family rooms have also become movie theaters, classrooms, craft rooms, and entertainment spaces. Create a convenient and versatile room with enough space to accommodate everyone’s needs. 

Bring everyone together with a pool table, a wet bar, and more with an amazing entertainment area. In the recent past, going to the movies has been tough. So, bring the movie theater to you with a big-screen television and surround sound. You’ll enjoy this room for years to come.

However, in 2022, smaller, multi-purpose rooms will also become important when each family member needs their own space. This room can serve several different purposes. It can offer everyone an area to read a good book, have a quiet moment, finish their homework, and work on crafts. But they won’t interrupt anyone else in the family.

Multi-purpose rooms are a design trend that’s not going away. Homes are dwelling places, of course, but are now also classrooms, kids’ play areas, entertainment spaces for adults, business offices, a home gym, or a guest room.

Staying Healthy and Active 

Because of the pandemic, home gyms have taken on new importance. Frankly, people are not as motivated to leave home to exercise as they once were.

New home design trends now include children’s indoor play areas and home gyms. Family members need time and space to unwind, burn off some energy, and work up a sweat. This room can offer a selection of weightlifting, cardio, and workout gear, foam floor mats, and a TV screen for watching online fitness classes or catching up on the news. Especially for Wisconsin, consider adding a jungle gym, some swings, or other climbing equipment for kids to use when the weather is too cold to go outdoors. An investment in a home gym is priceless when it comes to your family’s well-being and health.

Three- and Four-Season Rooms

Three- or four-season rooms help bring the outdoors in, especially when it’s too hot or cold to spend time outside. Enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather. Design a special room for your home that will be flooded with natural light.

Many times, a three- or four-season room is attached to the kitchen or family room. Enjoy your morning coffee or relax and watch the sunset after meals. In 2022, new home design trends will create these areas to maximize indoor-outdoor living and views.

More about Indoor-Outdoor Living

To experience the best of both worlds, homeowners blend indoor and outdoor living spaces. They take advantage of a deck or covered patio with wide French doors leading to it. 

Outdoor living is important because it offers more opportunities to enjoy time in the fresh air with friends and family. Adding additional usable outdoor space will also boost the value of your home. Whether it’s a screened-in porch, cement or stone patio, a large landscaped yard, or a wood deck on the back of the house, your home will be more valuable.

New home design trends include outdoor living rooms with televisions and fireplaces, great grilling areas, lounge spaces to watch the game, and more. You’ll be amazed at how much time you, your family, and your friends will spend outside.

Enjoy the Spa 

Your master bath is where you begin and end your day, so it should be your sanctuary. New home design trends turn your bathroom into a spa retreat. In 2022, homeowners want to create a more relaxing environment to escape the chaos of life, even for an hour.

Spending money on a luxurious master bathroom is always a good investment. Talk to your builder about adding radiant heated floors, a free-standing soaker tub, and a separate, walk-in steam shower. All will give you a taste of luxury every day.

Another 2022 new home design trend is to create a Jack-and-Jill bathroom for the other bedrooms. This is a bathroom with easy access and entry doors from two bedrooms. 

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