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September 20, 2022

Nestled in the Lake Country area of Waukesha between the bustling big city of Milwaukee and the growing town of Oconomowoc, you’ll find a quaint village that epitomizes country living. With a growing community, Merton WI home builders all say the same thing, “Merton just feels like home.” This blog will tell you about this picturesque town, what to do there, and why you may want to consider building your new home there. 

About Merton

Just over 28 square miles, Merton lies 30 minutes outside of Milwaukee and approximately an hour east of the state capital of Madison. With a population of under 8,000 people, the city exudes a small-town feel. Lying within the town are the unincorporated communities of North Lake, Camp Whitcomb, and Monches. Stone Bank is also partially within the boundaries of the city.

Settled in the mid-1800s, the area began as a farming village. During these early days of the region, a steam launch carried weekend guests around lakes, and large resorts were built. Once a spot exclusive to wealthy vacationers renting lake homes and cottages throughout the summer, resorts along the lakes now cater to a clientele of average means. In the 1920s, Merton WI home builders say the area opened up to residential development, partly due to the popularity of automobiles. By the 1970s, 80% of the vacation homes and cottages surrounding the lakes had been replaced by year-round residences, and according to these same Merton WI home builders, today, only 1% of the lake homes are seasonal. 

The home-building trend that started in the 60s erupted. Merton WI home builders embraced the fact that many of the area’s farmers’ families wanted out of that rigorous life, opting instead to sell their farms and send their children to college. During this time, Merton had a strong growth of subdivisions. Today you will only find a few working farms in the neighborhood. But despite this residential growth, the hard-working farming ethics remain throughout the township.

Merton is home to many alluring lakes, including Lake Keesus, Moose Lake, North Lake, Beaver Lake, and Okauchee Lake. These lakes are prime spots for the fishing enthusiast in your family. And, if fishing isn’t your thing, here are amble lake life activities from boating to swimming, kayaking to paddle boarding, and canoeing to simply sunbathing on the beach. 

Enjoy the unique area attractions like the Bobrowitz Sculpture during the cooler months. Driving through town, you will notice roadside signs saying, “Spectacular Sculpture,” with an arrow pointed down the street. These are signs you want to follow. The sculpture is hundreds of handcrafted metal works of art scattered throughout acres of land. 

A short drive from the town gets you to Holy Hill, a national shrine that is open to the public and attracts over 300,000 visitors each year. The views from the bell tower showcase the true beauty that is Merton. Holy Hill sits on 435 acres of breathtaking scenery atop the highest elevation point in all of southeastern Wisconsin. Visitors are welcome to attend mass, walk miles of scenic trails, and shop in the extensive gift store and cafe. 

You’ll find the Holy Hill Art Farm near the basilica on Holy Hill. This sprawling farm hosts vendors and artisans from across the county. When you’re finished shopping the barns, grab a seat and a spiked hot chocolate and listen to some of the area’s best bands. 

Merton WI Home Builders

When you start your new home-building journey, we all know the most important factor to consider. That is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Merton provides you with a strong sense of community, family values, and breathtaking scenery. But once you’ve decided on the location, you have to find a builder you can trust with your dream home. And that’s where Joseph Douglas Homes comes in! 

Joseph Douglas Homes, one of the premier Merton WI home builders, has been building in the area since the company started in 1998. Many of the area’s residents wanted homes that were as striking as the land they were built on and as alluring as the scenery surrounding it. So, they sought out a homebuilder with a dedication to award-winning craftsmanship. The visionaries at Joseph Douglas Home continue to bring their client’s dreams to life while honoring the land and community values of Merton. Their experts pride themselves on their exceptional home designs and competitive pricing. In fact, unlike most of its competitors, Joseph Douglas Homes offers All-Inclusive Pricing, which has been a draw to the hard-working families of Merton. 

What exactly is All-Inclusive Pricing? Many Merton, WI home builders pull customers in by promises of a low “base price .”But some buyers don’t realize that they will need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to complete their home. The pricing structure at Joseph Douglas Homes is different. They include the “extras” such as building permits, garage, driveway stone, surveys, excavation, interior, and exterior lighting, painting, flooring, and site clean-up in their base price. This means the bottom line stays the bottom line. The only extras you pay for when Joseph Douglas Homes is building you a forever home are the desired upgrades you select. But Joseph Douglas Homes takes their All-Inclusive Pricing one step further; they use only the most high-quality amenities.

Another benefit of building a Joseph Douglas Home in Merton, WI, is that all JDH homes are built to Energy Star® standards. Additionally, they are certified by an independent third party who ensures every Joseph Douglas home conforms to the highest energy efficiency standards. 

Further honoring the legacy of Merton’s farmers and the environment overall, Joseph Douglas Homes are Green Built® Homes, meaning they promote sustainable living and use only environmentally safe products. 

If you’re considering building a new home in Merton, Wisconsin, contact the custom-building team at Joseph Douglas Homes, whose mission is to deliver the highest possible quality building components and construction expertise on time and on budget. To learn more today, call (262) 783-4700 or visit the website.

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