How to Design a Hip and Cool Kid’s Room

Debra Lopez

February 7, 2021

Thankfully, the days of only choosing between cartoon characters or “baby duck and lamb” wallpaper to decorate your child’s bedroom have passed. Today, you have a wide array of colors and themes to choose from to match your kid’s room ideas to their personalities.

Whether your family is moving into a brand new home, your toddler is graduating from a crib to a big bed, or your teen wants an update, you now have the opportunity for some creative ideas. There are many stylish organization and storage solutions, unique window and floor coverings, beautiful wall colors, and multipurpose furniture.


Kids Room Surroundings Must Be Safe

Most parents agree it’s important to provide their children safe and comfortable spaces where they can learn, play, and thrive.

What children are surrounded by has a significant impact on how they develop and grow; therefore, it’s vital to make their bedrooms a place that inspires, teaches, and encourages. You don’t have to go over-the-top with princess beds, indoor swings, or pirate ships; however, your kid’s room ideas should encompass good lighting, colorful artwork, and private spaces to create, dream, and fill their lives with imagination and fun.

Please keep your child’s age and abilities in mind when planning the room design. A rope ladder may be ideal for a ten-year-old but too dangerous for a toddler. A race car bed might be what your five-year-old dreams of, but maybe not your 17-year-old.


What Does Your Child Love?

Most children love cartoons, fairy tales, and stories about the adventures of pirates, cowboys, and knights in shining armor. They dream of being astronauts, super-heroes, ballerinas, and firefighters. You can create a bedroom that takes ideas from their favorite books or characters with accessories and themed furniture pieces to match.

Kids theme rooms

Kids room ideas can be implemented very easily with artwork and wall stickers. The advantage of using these is that they are not expensive and can be easily changed. Decide on a theme and follow it with wall paint, artwork, and inexpensive accessories to complete the look. Your child will be thrilled with the finished product!


Decorating Your Kids Bedroom

Decorating your kid’s bedroom with a too-specific theme creates a challenge. While you may want to design something fun for your child that reflects their ideas and personality, you probably don’t want to re-do their space every time their interests change (because you know they will!). So, how do you design a bedroom to reflect your child but one that also stays relevant?

The trick for creating kid’s room ideas that last for years and still feel fresh is to balance the function with the design. Your child’s bedroom serves many purposes. These rooms are not only where they sleep, but they are also spaces for relaxing, reading, studying, and playing. So, when decorating, you need to keep that all in mind and create a room your kids will love but can grow up with, too.

So, before you start ripping out carpeting or painting the walls, take a moment to put together a plan. Here is some guidance as to how to put together your kid’s room ideas.


Begin With a Plan for Kids Room Ideas

Start by thinking about how your children use their bedrooms. More than just a sleep space, this is also where they hang out with friends, work on crafts, read, play, and do homework. Design separate zones around the room for a variety of uses.

Here are some examples:

  • Younger children and toddlers need more floor space for their playtime activities.
  • Teens need comfy chairs or floor pillows for reading, listening to music, and hanging out.
  • Consider bunk beds if your kids enjoy having friends spend the night.
  • If your child loves to paint and draw, create a corner where they can store art supplies and set up an easel. Be sure to cover the walls and floor with something you won’t mind getting splashed.

Make a list of all your ideas and create a plan. What colors should you use? What accessories will you need? Do you have the right furniture, or will you need to purchase something?


Keep It Simple when Creating Your Kids Room

It’s exciting to create a room with lots of touches to match your theme. But parents know how quickly kids change their minds and move on to new interests – almost as fast as they outgrow their shoes. Therefore, instead of going overboard designing an overly-themed bedroom with rocket ship-shaped beds or miniature furniture, keep the overall design simple. Purchase furniture that will be usable as they grow and occasionally change out the colors and accent pieces. This will save you from having to buy new furniture every few years.

Kids room makeovers

Furniture such as bookcases, full-size beds, and side tables are just a few of the pieces that can be used again and again. On the other hand, if you don’t mind redecorating your kids’ bedrooms every few years, there are some amazing designs and themes to choose from!


Keep Versatile Furniture in Mind When Decorating Your Kids Bedroom

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of furniture that are versatile and classic. In addition to those already mentioned, consider purchasing items that can be used in multiple ways. For example, instead of buying a changing table, add a soft cushion to the top of a chest of drawers. Once you’re past the diaper stage, remove it, and voila, you have a dresser again.

Beds with drawers underneath for storage offer great options to keep toys organized. Trundle beds have additional sleeping space for slumber parties. A simple table can be a play surface for a 5-year-old and will turn into a teens’ study desk.


Define The Zones

Once you understand how your children use their bedrooms, create and define zones. Depending on their ages and interests, your kid’s room ideas may include a play area with toy storage, a desk, and chair for schoolwork, bean bags chairs or floor pillows for reading and relaxing with friends, and, of course, a bed. Separate the areas with different colored rugs, hang some curtains from the ceiling, use a couple of bookcases to create a private space, etc. Use your imagination!


Hip and Cool Accessories for Kids Rooms

Accessories are where you can have fun and introduce the room’s theme. These are fairly easy to replace or exchange with other kid’s room ideas later. Bedding, curtains, and pillows can showcase your children’s favorite theme. You can also find artwork, lamps, etc., so happy hunting!


Do You Know What Your Kids Want for Their Room?

Of course, you should ask your kids what they want. It’s their room, after all. Let them help choose the theme, pick a wall color, decide on the furniture, etc.  As parents, however, you get veto rights!


Young Girls Room Ideas

Your little girl – before you know it, she’s all grown up and heading to high school. So, you’ll want to create a space that not only shows who she is now but anticipates the future. To get it right, the secret is finding the balance between fun and maturity.

Begin with a beautiful space you can envision a teenager in, then dial it back with some whimsical accents to reflects your daughter’s current interests. Does she love to read? Create a book nook by hanging a large hoop from the ceiling or mounting a curved shower curtain rod from the wall and add lightweight, sheer curtains.

Young Girls Room

The traditional girl’s room is pink and sweet – but let your daughter choose what she likes! She may love ballerinas and unicorns, or she may prefer stars and astronauts. Other standard themes for girls are princesses and castles, kittens, horses, butterflies, rainbows, bumblebees, flowers, mermaids, unicorns, and hearts.

Consider keeping the walls neutral with gray, beige, or anything pastel. Or, instead of bubblegum pink, what about a soft blush color? White or light wood tones for the furniture is also a classic look. That way, your little girl can grow from Disney princesses to outer space to music idols, and all you have to do is change out the accessories.


Young Boys Room Ideas

As with girls, young boys grow up fast, too. Their bedrooms need to grow with them, so create a space they love now but will also love in the future.

Most boys are more physical and tough on their surroundings. They need lots of floor space to roll their trucks and cars, build with Legos and blocks, and have pillow fights. Give them soft things to climb on. Classic boy’s bedroom themes are super-heroes, sports, dinosaurs, cars and trucks, firefighters, cartoon characters, and astronauts. Traditional colors are grays, greens, blues, reds, yellows – anything with some vibrancy. However, a soft blue on the walls will give the room a calmer atmosphere if you prefer.

Young Boys Room

Of course, like a daughter, a son should be able to choose whatever theme and color he wants for his room. A neutral color on the walls will take him from the Sponge Bob years to rock stars!


Gender Neutral Themes

Many designs are very popular and considered gender-neutral. Try animal themes, planets and outer space, camping, cartoon characters, nautical, soccer, farms, jungle adventures, and so much more. As with the other kid’s room ideas, keep the walls a neutral color, use rugs and furniture to create zones, and use fun accessories to reflect the theme.


Teen Room Ideas

Many teens have specific themes in mind; others just want bright colors and cool accessories. Have a discussion and ask about their ideas. Focus on sports, cars, celebrities, hobbies, or shapes. Start with their favorite color and go from there. Now is when you can get creative with murals, stripes, or other patterns on the walls, too.

A teen’s need for space and privacy should be respected. Be sure to have enough storage for all their belongings – it may help keep their room cleaner, too. Add drawers under the bed, shelves in the closet, another bookshelf, or whatever they need. The bedroom should also have a spot for doing homework and an area for hanging out with friends. Add a comfy chair or two, big floor pillows, curtains around the bed, etc.


More Kids Room Ideas

Here are a few more ways to add style to your kid’s room without using a specific theme. These are easier for your children not to outgrow so quickly.

  • Color and More Color

Most kids enjoy color, so why not give them a room that looks like a box of crayons? Paint each wall a different color, add a bright chair, colorful artwork, and linens. Keep the designs simple to focus on color. White furniture keeps things manageable, too.

  • Bold Black and White

On the opposite end of the spectrum, keep the room black and white with just a touch of color. Three white walls and one black, or one with black and white stripes, white bedding, and colorful throw pillows. A graphic rug on the floor will give it some interest. Very chic!

  • Display Toys

Line up small toys like stuffed animals, matchbox cars, or toy soldiers along shelves. Whatever your child collects will look like artwork. It must be all the same type of toy. It won’t have the same effect with a random assortment.

  • Display Books

Add a couple of picture shelves to the wall or the back of the door to hold your child’s favorite books. Rotate new books each week. Not only will it add some color, but it’s also easier for them to find something to read.

  • Create a Craft Corner

Set up an area where everything is within reach to inspire your child to draw, paint, color, and create. Include a small table and chair with jars filled with crayons, craft supplies, buttons, fabric scraps, and more. A blank wall nearby can be used to display their projects.

  • Storage Solutions

Use clear containers with labels to organize game pieces, small toys, Legos, etc. This allows your kids to see what’s inside each box. Place them on shelves, in a bookcase, or in the closet. Consider rotating some on occasion to keep them interested in their toys.

  • Create Zones

Here are a few ways to offer spaces within your child’s room for different activities. Other than curtains hung from the ceiling, as mentioned earlier, try lining up a bookcase and dresser out from the wall to divide the room. Play areas should be soft, so use foam squares or a plush rug for sitting on.


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