How to Choose a Custom Home Builder


March 30, 2020

Like many of us, the American Dream begins with the thought of owning a home. It begins with an idea, a vision of sorts. You picture yourself sitting around the dining room table, enjoying a meal with family. You see yourself tossing a ball around with your children in the spacious backyard. You may even have a certain decor decided on, or paint colors selected. This is your dream. So, when it comes time to put the wheels in motion, how do you hand it over to a builder? We’re here to show you how to choose a custom home builder that’s right for you! 


The first, and arguably utmost important, part of choosing a custom home builder is knowing what you want. While some clients have an exact picture in mind, some only have an idea. Selecting the non-negotiables, the parts you simply must have, allows you to better select your builder. For example, if an expansive great room with vaulted ceilings made your list, you probably wouldn’t hire a builder that has little experience with these builds. 

Tip: Write a physical list to discuss with potential home builders during the interview process. 


Just as in step one, knowing what you’re looking for in a home builder is equally as important. The relationship between the two of you must be based on trust and open communication. By clearly outlining your expectations about the building process and the finished result, potential issues will be eliminated right away. Once you’re clear on these expectations, start researching custom home builders. Look through their website and photo galleries. Read online reviews and write-ups. Set up an interview to get to know them personally after a home builder has passed the reputation check. 

Tip: Not all online reviews are reliable. Request personal references from the builder. 


If you’re following our tips on how to choose a custom home builder, this one is important. The pre-interview, from the moment you contact the builder to schedule an appointment and all correspondence leading up to the interview, tells you a lot about their style. Is the builder available to you? Are they willing to answer your qualifying questions? Do they respond to you promptly? Are they genuinely interested in your vision? If so, proceed with your interview and get to know them. 

Tip: The building industry is busy. You may not always have direct access to a builder. Ask who the best point of contact is to direct pre-building questions. 

Why Choose Joseph Douglas Homes

For 22 years, Joseph Douglas Homes has honorably built award-winning custom homes throughout the entire southeastern Wisconsin area. Our dedication to craftsmanship and superior design have and continue to bring your dream home to life. 

Joseph Douglas Homes proudly maintains our A+ rating with the Better Business Burea and high-customer ratings across respected review sites. Our award-winning designs and construction have been recognized by the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA), the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), and Milwaukee Magazine

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