Hawthorn Farm South

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Hawthorn Farm South

an old farm with a barn and a silo

You’ll be greeted by a charming amenity barn as you enter your new neighborhood, which boasts 22 homesites nestled among expansive wildflower meadows and woods. An impressive 75% of the site has been preserved as common open space. These spacious ¾ acre homesites come equipped with sanitary sewer systems and are part of the prestigious Arrowhead Schools district. Imagine having access to paved recreation trails right at your doorstep – well, at Hawthorn Farm, that’s a reality.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of living in a countryside setting or you’re seeking outdoor adventures, Hawthorn Farm offers both. Experience the joy of riding, running, or walking along over a mile of well-maintained paved pathways. Your home will be enveloped by generous open spaces and a gracefully landscaped entryway and courtyard. Truly, this is a remarkable place to call home!



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