Home Upgrades for Pet Owners

Debra Lopez

June 1, 2019

home upgrades for pets

Most homeowners want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome, whether they’re neighbors, family members, or four-legged friends. They’re willing to make a few changes in their living area to accommodate everyone, especially their pets. Today, more than sixty million households in the US have a dog and many are making home upgrades for their pets.

If you have a beloved pet, tossing together a few blankets for a bed or making sure the water bowl is always in the same place is a nice start. But truly making your home pet-friendly takes a bit of planning. There are several simple ways to incorporate the needs of your pet into your décor. If you’re thinking of building or remodeling a dog-friendly home, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Feeding Areas

feeding bowls in cabinets for pets

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Feeding your pet every day without tripping over the bowls can be a snap. Place the pet dishes at the end of a run of cabinets and away from the work triangle. With the doors open and shelves removed, the food and water bowls can be placed inside on top of ceramic tiles or a waterproof pad to protect the cabinet floor. If you have drawers, there are inserts which will hold any size bowl. Close the drawer or the cabinet doors when not in use, keeping the kitchen tidy.

Pet Grooming

Because it’s easier than bathing their pet at home, most owners take their dogs to a groomer. However, having a dedicated space to clean them makes the task painless. Add an enclosed shower with a half wall so you can reach in to rinse the soap and keep the water inside the tub. Consider putting the bath station in the laundry room or mudroom. Wet towels can go right into the washing machine when you’re finished. Also, it’s a great way to spray off muddy boots (or dirty children) before entering the main part of the house.

Built-in Beds

built in dog beds

courtesy, the owner builder network

Instead of a big cage or a loose bed cushion that gets tossed around, consider building your dog’s bed into existing cabinets, next to the bed as a nightstand, or in the nook under a staircase. Your pet gets a safe place to rest, and you get to minimize the space taken up by all his/her stuff.

Doggy Doors

Pet doors are nothing new, but they’re usually a plastic flap over a hole in the back door. Not very attractive. But you can upgrade the doggy door with an option that integrates it into your home’s architecture. Make your pet’s entrance elegant instead of an eyesore.

Interior Dog Gates

Do you have rooms in your home you want to protect and keep out your furry friend? Many homeowners use baby gates to control where their dog can go. Sadly, the dog can usually figure out how to jump over them. Plus, the gates are functional but ugly! Often called a Dutch Door, these built-in gates can be customized to match your home’s interior décor. They’ll keep the animals out by closing the bottom half, while still allowing air flow and light during the day through the open upper half.

Are you a dog lover who’s also thinking about remodeling or building your dream home? Don’t forget to think about ways to make your pet feel at home as well. Talk to the professionals at Joseph Douglas Homes about your ideas. They can integrate them into your home design so that everyone is happy. Call today to make an appointment!

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