Form and Function: How to Balance Both in Home Construction


January 30, 2018

Form or Function: What's most important in home design

Form or Function: What’s more important in Home Design?

In home design and construction, the conflict between interesting, creative architecture (form) and the way various rooms are placed and used (function) is a constant battle. But it doesn’t have to be.

While the shape of a structure relates to its proposed function, the best home builders work with their clients to create a home that is both functional and beautiful.

Function or Aesthetics

Home builders often cope with numerous challenges in designing buildings when determining which aspect to prioritize. Here is the dilemma: How does a builder create a home that will make the client happy – both in the way it looks and how it works with the family’s needs?

A satisfied customer will certainly never snub a functional and well-designed home. By working together and asking the right questions, the result is that the builder avoids design and construction problems and the homeowner has a lovely yet fully functional home.

Building the Perfect Home

Before the first shovel of dirt is dug or the first yard of concrete is poured, it is important that you and the builder sit down together face to face. Talk openly about what each is expecting throughout the process. Determine a list of priorities, needs, and wants. This will help to create a design which accurately reflects your lifestyle.joseph douglas homes remodeling

Discuss the budget as well. What can you afford? What is the top priority for the finished product? What is the overall feel you’re looking for? Sometimes what you want and what you can afford are two very different things. Home builders can often offer a less expensive alternative which will satisfy you and still stay within your budget.

Other Considerations

After the overall budget is finalized, talk about how the home will be used. Are there several children or is this a home for “empty-nesters” with grandchildren only visiting occasionally? Do you enjoy entertaining big groups, or do you prefer quiet nights at home with a good book? Are you a gourmet cook or eat a steady diet of take-out? Do you love to display your collections or are you a minimalistic decorator? Do you prefer the clean lines of modern architecture or the details in Victorian homes? Or something in between?

Again, asking the right questions will help to determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the kitchen and living room, the placement of doors and windows, the amount of storage, etc. and satisfy your needs (and a few wants as well).

The difference between an excellent layout and a poor one is something that both home builders and home buyers have seen at least once. Winding hallways, awkward spaces, too small rooms, and bad flow can make even a beautiful building exterior into an unlivable home. Form and function must complement each other in home construction and work for the people living there.

In Conclusion

A beautiful exterior façade with a functioning and pleasant interior will flow well, offer a distinct atmosphere, and reflect the personality of the homeowners. Addressing both the eye appeal and the functionality of a home’s design will end in a successfully built and lived-in home.

Working together, home builders and clients can create the perfect home and make it an easy and enjoyable process.

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