6 Essentials to Consider When Choosing a Floor Plan


December 23, 2017

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You’re building a new home, but first, you need to choose a floor plan. There are significant factors to consider – from how many bedrooms you’ll need to what architectural styles you prefer. To ensure a floor plan is right for you, here are a few suggestions.
What Kind of Floor Plan Are You Pursuing?
What will you need that you don’t currently have? More storage, additional bedrooms, or a place for your hobbies? Are you getting older and can no longer climb stairs? Maybe you’d like a larger great-room for entertaining or a home office for your paperwork. Answering these questions first will make choosing a floor plan much less complicated from the start.

Budget Plays a Role in Floor Plans

What’s Your Budget?
Most everyone wants their dream home but before you set your heart on a particular size or style of home, find out what it will cost. Meet with a builder or contractor and set a budget. Determine what you can afford and go from there. You may be able to get more house than you realize.

Can Your Floor Plan Change in the Future?

What Will Life Be Like in 5-10 Years?
Even if you intend this to be your “forever home,” you should consider what life will be like in the future. A flexible floor plan will allow you to convert the space as your needs change. For example, a main floor home office with an adjoining bath can become a master bedroom in later years. A playroom off the kitchen can revert to a formal dining room when the kids move out. Bottom line: will the house be large enough – or too large – in ten years?

Consider the Following Factors

What is your lifestyle?

Do you love to throw parties or prefer quiet evenings? Are you a gourmet cook or usually eat take out?  Are you a young, growing family or an empty- nester? Are you an outdoor gardener or have lots of indoor hobbies? Each of these answers will help to determine how your home should be laid out and the size of each room. A contractor or design professional can help you consider factors and give you some guidance.


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Separate Rooms or Open Concept

What’s Your Decorating Style?
Choose a floor plan to meet your decorating style. Do you enjoy more formal furnishings or are you a “put your feet up on the coffee table” type? Do you prefer separate rooms for a variety of activities or is an open floor plan more to your liking? Think about your furniture and how you will live in the space.

Talk to a Professional and Ask Questions

Pros and Cons of Every Floor Plan
It’s important to realize that there’s no such thing as a perfect floor plan. You need to determine your priorities and what you can live without.  For example, a modern, open layout is great but can make it difficult to concentrate when someone is watching television in one area while you’re reading in another. That wall of windows highlights a gorgeous view, but your cooling and heating bills may be higher. The 2-story foyer is breathtaking, but who will change the light-bulb in the chandelier?
Choosing a floor plan may feel overwhelming, but trust your instincts. Take notes as you tour homes. Talk to a professional and ask lots of questions. Once you narrow down the choices, the final decision will be easy.

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