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Have you been thinking lately about achieving the American dream – meaning the construction of your very own home? Before you commit to that decision, you’ll need to figure out if the time is right. There are lots of things to consider before you can determine whether or not you’re on track to build that new home you’ve always dreamed of. Below are the 5 signs you’re ready to build your new home.

The time is right

You’ve Thought About It, and You Know What You Want
In addition to knowing what you want, you have to be aware of what you can afford. Critical steps to preparing yourself for home building and ownership mean researching what you’re able to pay regarding home features, the price of the house, and the custom home builder. If your numbers look right, you’re on your way.
You are excited at the prospect of a new neighborhood. But you’ve also determined what you want considering an area’s crime rate, included amenities, the commute back and forth to work, and the school district.
You Like Things New and Shiny
Building a new home means you’re going to get, right from day one, exactly what you want. No surprises. You won’t be forced to live with whatever the first owner wanted, as you are when you buy someone else’s home. Living in someone else’s dream makes it harder to achieve your own. You and your family get to make all of the first impressions upon this home – there is no history. And though some older homes can be charming, they don’t come with very many guarantees – other than the assurance that something is bound to go wrong. With a brand-newly built home, you know precisely what you’re getting into. Maintenance expenses will be slim to none.
The Financial Homework Is Complete
You have figured out exactly how much it is that you can afford because you have been looking at houses for some time and doing the math. And if you have been renting, you already know that the cost of building a new home is cheaper than all the rent you end up paying for a place that is less-than-perfect.
Also, you’ve made sure that your savings includes enough money for an emergency fund. Something unexpected is bound to come up, no matter where you are or what time of year it is. Your bills, building expenses, etc. have already been calculated according to your monthly income. But you know that it’s essential to have an emergency fund that will be there when unexpected costs arise.
You Have an Excellent Credit Score and You’re Out Of Debt 
Your excellent credit score makes building a home a much more affordable prospect. And because you’ve paid off all your debts, you’re going to have more money with which to pay off your building expenses. Furnishings, maintenance, repairs, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, etc. will all drain a bank account faster than most people realize. But because you are entirely out of debt, that frees up more money to put toward those expenses.
So, have you done all your homework, research, and number crunching?
It’s fun and exciting to design and build a new home, but it takes far more than emotion with which to analyze your readiness to make that kind of investment. If, after considering all the previously stated factors all looks good then, yes indeed; building the new home of your dreams is the right move for you at this time.

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