2023 New Home Design Trends


November 30, 2022

It’s never too early to start looking forward to the new year. Many people contemplate their resolutions and start making plans now. At Joseph Douglas Homes, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’ve checked in with the most sought-after interior designers and the hottest home decor trendsetters to put together this list of the upcoming new home design trends for 2023.

Add a Splash of Color

We’ve put a spin on the old adage, “New Year, New Me”… We like New Year, New Me, New Paint. One of the easiest ways to give your home a makeover is with a fresh coat of paint. Ironically, the new home design trends in the paint world aren’t new. Designers are seeing many new homeowners returning to the basics when it comes to selecting a color for the walls. Here are a few of the most popular paint color trends:

  • Get back to nature. Going with earth tones allows you to bring a pop of the outdoors in. Home interior experts refer to the classic color combinations of black, white, gray, green, and brown as the fab five of paint selections. Grounded in nature, these colors bring homeowners back to the basics. Natural colors like these create a sense of calm and a feeling of being rooted in your home. 
  • This next trend piggybacks on the first. Designers have put a literal take on going green. In fact, according to Martyn Bullard, one of Los Angeles’ most revered interior designers, “Green in almost every shade has the most amazing comeback. The richer shades like emerald and forest are really strong and will be here to stay for a while.”
  • Be adventurous. Whatever color you choose, consider mixing it with a textured element. Avoid one of the former new home design trends of going all gray. While it can remain one of the colors on your palette, add splashes of greens and blues to uplift the mood of your space. Or update your gray motif by changing it to silver. Feel free to go for some shock value and put colors together that you usually wouldn’t. It’s the in thing. 

Bring the Outside In

Paint color isn’t the only way to get back to nature. One of the most popular new home design trends we will see in 2023 is nature-inspired materials and artwork, along with natural colors. This design style is called biophilic. Its popularity has grown exponentially in recent years, which designers say is due to our interest in sustainable living. Nature-inspired designs help us restore a balance in our homes that has been missing since technology has taken over. New home design trends inspired by nature create a calming environment, allowing us to escape from our screens and devices. Experts suggest adding the following natural elements to your home: rattan, stone, bamboo, fresh floral arrangements, plants, and even tree stumps.

Get Organized

The love of an organized home is no longer a personality trait – it is one of the most recent new home design trends taking over. What started with a surge in organizational shows on television has turned into a lifestyle shift. People want to have a place for everything and everything in its place. The key to merging the design element with the lifestyle is to create places that allow you to organize. Closed shelving and decorative storage units like baskets have taken the place of open shelving, which oftentimes ends up being a catch-all for miscellaneous items. 

Simple and New to You

Like the organizational decor, upcycling has been splattered on our TVs for many years now. The idea of taking a used or old piece of furniture and refinishing or repurposing it is one of the new home design trends that will not go away in 2023. The natural, eco-friendly mindset in our other trends goes hand-in-hand with simplifying and upcycling. Interior designers recommend enhancing antiques and embellishing existing pieces in your home. Highlight family heirlooms and showcase them alone, leaving behind the overly cluttered styles of years passed. 

Be Dramatic

Not all new home design trends highlight simplicity and nature. Some homeowners are opting for the opposite: moody spaces that create drama. Deep textures and dark wall colors are extremely modern. One principal designer suggests making a statement by using a monotone color palette. For example, paint your walls purple and expand from there: buy a purple couch, purple drapes, and purple lampshades. The monochrome style creates an almost gothic theme that will be making a major comeback in the next few years. Add a mixture of textures to add to the moodiness of the space. Consider using leathered granite countertops or weathered furniture to give the room a more approachable quality. 

The Beauty of Details

If you’re looking to make a design change to your home or are planning on decorating your new home for the first time, but don’t feel like drastic design elements are for you, pay attention to the details of your space. Add a splash of sass with an art deco piece – they’re making a huge comeback! Add abstract trim wherever you can; on walls, lampshades, and furniture. Think of the style of vintage lamps and expand that to the entire room. Use strategic lighting to change or enhance the mood of a room. Many homeowners layer lighting or place task lighting throughout the room, depending on the use of the area.

Finding a Builder or Remodeler

Finding a home builder or remodeler that specializes in new home design trends may seem daunting. But look no further than Joseph Douglas Homes. Not only have we placed 2nd in the nation for homeowner satisfaction, but we also maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have accumulated National CotY and NARI awards. Contact our design team today to begin building or remodeling your dream home. 

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